HOW ARE YOU doing under PDGM?

Now that PDGM has rolled out, agencies are becoming aware of where improvement is required among staff to operate cost effectively and with correct utilization of disciplines.

Our PDGM training and assessments can be completed by every employee in a single day and provide targeted training and insights on where your business is at most at risk.


Built in dashboards and reporting provide immediate visibility into risk levels at the organization, department, team, and individual levels.  

All aspects of the training and assessment can be completed in-service or remotely to support your preferred approach to staff development.



  • Improve marketers' ability to understand and articulate clinical rationale for home health services with referral sources. 
  • Gather visibility into each rep's knowledge of the business and address areas of weakness to supercharge their ability to sell in all settings.
  • Empower your sales team leaders with rapidly deployable training pieces to resolve clinical gaps identified through baseline testing.
  • Improve star ratings and revenue by ensuring your marketers can secure and retain the best referral sources.


  • Use baseline clinician testing to gain clarity on the individual strengths and weaknesses that affect reimbursement and will hamstring a home health organization if left unresolved.
  • Educate your workforce on how to succeed under the increased demands of PDGM regarding case management, documentation, and clinical decisions.
  • Monitor understanding, risk, and clinical impact across your company by department, role, or individual with real-time reporting.
  • Rapidly deploy policy changes and notices to employees via a centralized resource system.


Stay abreast of the latest changes to PDGM with our series of articles on common challenges agencies and professionals are facing with the transition.

PDGM Demands Targeted Training

PDGM carries a level of change that can’t be resolved by a couple of new-hires or in-services. It demands a process and knowledge modernization that can only be equated to a complete cultural shift.

Home health agencies have to break the cocoon to transform their workforce. This is not possible without a serious upgrade in oversight and intelligence. 


Re-Balancing Workloads Under PDGM

Being able to evaluate an entire team or organization for PDGM, OASIS, or field readiness in a single day allows you to focus your time where it needs to go, rather than burdening entire teams with information or processes they already know. 

This is going to be critical when addressing turnover risks with the upcoming stressors of home health in 2020. 


PDGM Under The Rainbow

Overly positive scoring during start of care already costs Home Health agencies significant revenue under PPS.  

This is going to be a critical revenue risk under PDGM if effective staff testing and remedial education is not performed before it takes effect.


PDGM Training: Beware of Tradition

Historical approaches to preparing workers for CMS changes are poorly suited for the significant impact PDGM represents. 

Home Health agencies need to really think through how they will ensure success with the upcoming transition.