Custom online forms and signature collection to streamline heathcare operations.

Introducing SWIFT by ClinicalHQ, a suite of tools and services focused on improving the productivity of home healthcare workers in the field via a mobile app that is always with them when they need it most.


Our state of the art form and document systems ensure you can capture the precise information needed to generate any document you can imagine.


Advanced logic and math calculations to simplify the user experience and ensure all required information is collected to reduce patient or employee errors.


Capture electronic signatures remotely within a form, or via our HIPPA compliant secure digital workflows.


All form and signature requests can be configured for email or text based delivery to ensure information can be collected anytime, anywhere, on any device.


Only ClinicalHQ allows you to have multiple parties complete separate forms and merge the results into a final document or contract. 


Our systems support bi-directional forms that convert forms across multiple languages. Fill out a form in Spanish, and produce an English document, or vice-versa.


All completed forms are securely routed to the issuing employee or administration for easy download and storage into your EMR or internal systems of choice.


Forms and documents can be revised though a centralized administration and instantly updated for all staff without any interruption to their workflow.

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ClinicalHQ Other eSignature Providers
Pricing Model Flat Rate Unliminted Users Per User, Per Month Pricing
Contract Model Monthly & Annual Monthly & Annual
Average Annual Cost $99 per month, company license $100 - $480 per user, per year
Document Limits Unlimited Documents 5 - 10 Per User, Per Month Most Plans
API Fees One Time Fee Per Document Per Signature Fees For Every Document
Ideal User Range 10 - 1000+ 1 - 1000+
Audit Trail Most
SSO Support OAUTH, SAML Enterprise Plans Only ($$)
Individual and Team Based Access Some
Auto Reminders Most
Convert Paper Forms to Digital Managed by ClinicalHQ * Some
Customize Templates Managed by ClinicalHQ * Managed by Customer
One Click Packets For Multiple Documents Custom Engineering Required ($$)
Centralized Updates For All Documents and Forms Custom Engineering Required ($$)
Form to Document Custom Engineering Required ($$)
Multi-Party Form Merging Custom Engineering Required ($$)
Custom Branding Custom Engineering Required ($$)
Dynamic Language Merging Custom Engineering Required ($$)
eFax Delivery of Final Document Custom Engineering Required ($$)
Secure Webhook / API Data Delivery Enterprise Plans Only ($$)
Mobile Signature
Multi-Party Signing
Task Progress Tracking
Request Form Data by Text Custom Engineering Required ($$)
Request Form Data by Email Custom Engineering Required ($$)
Request Signature By Text Some
Request Signature By Email
HIPPA Compliant Routing & Storage Some
* One Time Setup Fee Applies Per Document/Form.

Our Promise: Simple and Affordable Pricing

ClincialHQ was founded to help eliminate financial waste and improve cash-flow and operations for health care providers. Our prices reflect that and are significantly less than alternative options.

$99 / Month

Flat Rate Pricing
Unlimited Signatures
Unlimited Envelopes

Requires CONNECT Subscription


Single Form
One Time Fee Per Form

Volume Discounts Available

$500 - $1,000

Multi-Step Forms
Workflow Support
One Time Fee Per Flow

Volume Discounts Available 

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